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We, here at Redrum Visuals, fully understand the growing market demand for motion graphics and animation services. To fulfil that demand, we have skilfully crafted a range of available services, we’d love to offer you. 

Operating as a Virtual Communications Studio, our services primarily aim to significantly lighten the workload, and simultaneously the pressure, currently on your staff. This reduction in workload and pressure, will enable you to free up your company’s, otherwise occupied resources, thus leading to increased productivity and profits

When it comes to creation of digital assets, our company more than excels. Our unparalleled, high quality services within this field, include (but are not limited to): TV Commercials, Motion Graphics, Animation, Explainer Videos, Product Photography, Voice Over creation, and Audio Mastering

With over 50 years of experience within this field, no matter the size of the project, you can rest easy, knowing our skilled staff are on the case.


Franco De Bonis

Marketing Director @ VISUA

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Redrum Visuals over the last two years on a number of video projects, from pure animated videos to full production projects and even relatively simple video editing/creation projects. I can honestly say that their expertise and professionalism are unparalleled in the industry and the results speak for themselves, with outstanding videos every time.

Nothing is too much trouble or too difficult and they are always happy to listen to and absorb feedback so they can work it into the edits as they go.

Combine all of that with extremely reasonable costs and it’s a combination that means that I would recommend Redrum Visuals to anyone who needs any form of video production or editing done.


Ted Moran

Production Manager

I have worked with Michael across multiple projects and have been extremely satisfied with his creativity, work ethic and professionalism. His obvious experience across multiple disciplines (animation, VR and video production) has been evident and very much appreciated over the years.

Gavin Collins

Senior Marketing Manager EMEA @ Workhuman

Redrum have been an incredible partner to work with over the past 7 Years. Michal is an outstanding talent with regards to all aspects of content pre and postproduction, his work ethic is second to none. I have worked with Redrum on high pressured projects extending to hard deadlines, Michal and team take full responsibility and ownership of their commitment to client support and as a result, I have never been let down with regards to delivering a project. The technical ability, combined with a creative flair and importantly highly competitive rates, make Redrum an excellent partner to work with. Regardless of the scale of a given project, the same treatment and level of care gets applied. I would highly recommend Redrum to anyone in need of a vast array of production services.

Our Team

Our dedicated team, of highly talented, offsite professionals, are prepared, ready, and eagerly awaiting, to be easily integrated into your established employment pipeline.

Michal - Founder




Motion Designer/Animator


Motion Designer/Animator

Rafael - Photographer




Audio Engineer





Our Virtual Communications Studio offers an all inclusive package to our clients, from a project’s conception, all the way to its realisation. We specialise in the creation of digital assets, such as Storyboards, MotionGraphics, Animation, Explaniner Videos, Product Photography; and Recording of Voice Overs, Audio Mastering, and Sound Design

Our staff are all highly experienced professionals, who specialise in a range of fields, from motion graphics and animation, to video editing and audio mastering. We are extremely flexible in our approach and thus able to meet your individual requirements, with services that are specifically designed for easy integration into your established framework. 

It is our primary objective, here at Redrum Visuals, to reduce the burden of tight deadlines on your staff, and to aid your company in reducing costs, through streamlining of existing processes. By doing so, we can free up your currently deadlocked resources, inevitably leading to increased profits. 

*Please see below for further details of the five core services which we offer:

Motion Graphics, Animation, and Explanatory Videos:

This service provides useful tools that will help you freely express, even the most complex of ideas. Whether you’re looking to create a presentation for your company, to sell your product, or simply to compile data, this is the service for you!


An integral element of most services where visuals are required, storyboarding is a vital tool in the brainstorming process and allows one to successfully communicate their idea to others, with relative ease.

Product Photography and Videography

We can create both photo and video presentations of your products, for use with digital assets, such as banners, or e-commerce/social media product teasers.

Audio Mastering and Sound Design

Evolve and enhance your productions, taking them to the next level with our bespoke sound design and audio mastering services. Give on screen actions the auditory prowess they deserve and make your voiceovers resonate with audiences on a whole other level.

Video Editing

Whether you require short social media or full feature length edits, from mood boards to viral marketing campaigns, here at Redrum Visuals, we’ve got you covered!

Our Process Explained

To optimise the efficiency of the services we provide, we developed a simple to understand, three step system,
that we progress through with our clients, once hired.

*This easy to understand, three step system is as follows:

Step 1

First, we will aid you in developing and storyboarding your core concept, whilst helping you to plan key milestones, and establish a clearly defined, yet realistic budget, for your project.

Step 2

We will then proceed to commence work on your project, making revisions where necessary, and both suggesting and implement changes where appropriate, based on your comments and recommendations, over the course of its development.

Step 3

Lastly, we will of course, finalise your project, ensuring your vision is fully realised. Once finalised, we will deliver in advance of any agreed upon delivery deadlines, having successfully exceeded your initial expectations.

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