Our Virtual Communications Studio offers an all inclusive package to our clients, from a project’s conception, all the way to its realisation. We specialise in the creation of digital assets, such as Storyboards, MotionGraphics, Animation, Explaniner Videos, Product Photography; and Recording of Voice Overs, Audio Mastering, and Sound Design

Our staff are all highly experienced professionals, who specialise in a range of fields, from motion graphics and animation, to video editing and audio mastering. We are extremely flexible in our approach and thus able to meet your individual requirements, with services that are specifically designed for easy integration into your established framework. 

It is our primary objective, here at Redrum Visuals, to reduce the burden of tight deadlines on your staff, and to aid your company in reducing costs, through streamlining of existing processes. By doing so, we can free up your currently deadlocked resources, inevitably leading to increased profits. 

*Please see below for further details of the five core services which we offer:


An integral element of most services where visuals are required, storyboarding is a vital tool in the brainstorming process and allows one to successfully communicate their idea to others, with relative ease.


Motion Graphics, Animation & Explanatory Videos

This service provides useful tools that will help you freely express, even the most complex of ideas. Whether you’re looking to create a presentation for your company, to sell your product, or simply to compile data, this is the service for you! 


Motion Graphics





Product Photography and Videography

We can create both photo and video presentations of your products, for use with digital assets, such as banners, or e-commerce/social media product teasers.

Audio Mastering and Sound Design

Evolve and enhance your productions, taking them to the next level with our bespoke sound design and audio mastering services. Give on screen actions the auditory prowess they deserve and make your voiceovers resonate with audiences on a whole other level. 




Video Editing

Whether you require short social media or full feature length edits, from mood boards to viral marketing campaigns, here at Redrum Visuals, we’ve got you covered!




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